Fan Funding for bands where the Funds can go even Further

Recently we have seen a few funding platforms coming to visibility around the globe and before we committed to HRH Hell Raiser, we really wanted to think deep and hard to what bands really require, both initially and afterwards. First and foremost was trust and expertise. HRH are Global players in Live, Label and Media worldwide; we manage bands, we sign bands, we promote bands, we broadcast bands, we even stage & write about them.

How It Works

With a 5 million highly engaged audience worldwide, we feel that we have created an easy to use platform that can amplify their creations and nurture fan affinities in numerous ways across the globe.
HRH Hell Raiser is not an open market place, both the band and the platform have to have a common goal and understand what each other can achieve while we work in a parallel promotional culture. The vision is simple; profile the band to a target audience via the many algorithms that the HRH Marketing machine can identify, work with their current fans and find the new ones who both enjoy and support their new creations. However, it doesn’t stop there. Raising funds is only part of it, but what if we could make the funds go further and give each band access to the multitude of services on offer at killer rates? That might help the funds go even further…
Want to find out more? Band applications are now open! Share some details with us, let us listen to your creation and let's get an understanding of what you want to achieve. We can then explore everything we have on offer.

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