Do I need an account to fund on Hell Raiser?
No, you logout and an account is set up automatically.

I have an account on a HRH website, will my details work on Hell Raiser?
No, this is a completely separate website so you will need a new account which is created at the checkout.

How can I pay?
We accept all major credit and debit cards at the checkout.

Can I buy more than one item?
Yes, Hell Raiser has added in the facility to purchase more items from the same Hell Raisert camapgin.

I received an email but why is it not personalised with my order?
We will update all Hell Raisers on their orders by email every month and then 4 weeks before the campaign is closing you will get your full summary and dates for deliveries.

I purchased tickets via Hell Raiser, when will I receive them?
Again, we will email you in due course, at least a month before the event with your ticket information.

I purchased an item for delivery, when will I receive it?
A month before we are due to fulfil physical purchased items, we will contact you via email to confirm your shipping address as we understand this may have changed since you originally ordered.


If you require any other help across the website, please click on the live chat help to speak to a member of the Hell Raiser Team.